Magnetism and Electrictiy

Have you ever played with magnets? What are some of your observations? Where do you think you would find magnets in your home? After you post your comments, click on the link above to see where magnets are found in your home.

Welcome to November 2010


Hello 4th and 5th grade students!
Welcome back to the 2010/2011 school year at Rosa Parks Environmental Magnet School. This blog will be your at home link to websites, games, pictures, newsflashes and your voices. Visit it often to give opinions on experiments, outside connections and interesting information you would like to share.
We have spent time on scientific sketching, observational skills, food chain, food web, worm anatomy and all the organisms that need to make that wormbin a healthy environment.
Fourth graders are Geologists now, studying rocks and how a geologist takes apart rocks to learn about the minerals inside.
Fifth graders are Biologists. They are studying life, and what all living things need to stay alive. The smallest organism which needs water, nutrients, gas exchange and waste disposal is a cell. We know that humans are multicellular oganisms with systems working together in our bodies to make sure their basic needs, the cells, are met.
I am so happy to be working with you this year!
Ms. Ingley

Another year 5th Graders!

Dear 5th Graders,
As we study Living Systems, (and what do all living things need?), (and what is the basic unit of life?), look around and ask yourself: How does that living system get rid of its' waste? What nutrients does this life form mostly use to survive? What gas exchange is happening, say, with an ant? Why would a fish need water to survive?
Research any questions you have and bring in something to put on the EXTRA CREDIT WALL!

Click on the link below and explore the activities that go with your Science Resource Book. Show your family the HOME/SCHOOL connection part of this website.

Fourth Graders, how you've grown!

Hello Families. Please visit this site often to see, hear and read about what your child is doing in Science. Students will be reading and recording data all year long on the computers so please make comments about their experiments; it keeps everyone on their toes. Click on link below to learn more about Geology and to see the website that goes with your Science Resource Book. Show your family some of the Home School Connections.

Weather (Hydrologic cycle link)

Fifth Graders,

We have been studying the water cycle and ways in which condensation, evaporation and precipitation work and how they can change their states of matter depending on the temperature around the water molecule. We also saw that surface area plays a role in how quickly water can evaporate when much of it is exposed to the air. Now we will become a Meteorologist! (You already are one actually.) Meteorology is the study of weather and a Meteorologist is someone who studies weather.
These are some of the vocabulary words we will be learning as Meteorologists:
Physical Change
High Pressure
Low Pressure