Fourth Graders, how you've grown!

Hello Families. Please visit this site often to see, hear and read about what your child is doing in Science. Students will be reading and recording data all year long on the computers so please make comments about their experiments; it keeps everyone on their toes. Click on link below to learn more about Geology and to see the website that goes with your Science Resource Book. Show your family some of the Home School Connections.

Weather (Hydrologic cycle link)

Fifth Graders,

We have been studying the water cycle and ways in which condensation, evaporation and precipitation work and how they can change their states of matter depending on the temperature around the water molecule. We also saw that surface area plays a role in how quickly water can evaporate when much of it is exposed to the air. Now we will become a Meteorologist! (You already are one actually.) Meteorology is the study of weather and a Meteorologist is someone who studies weather.
These are some of the vocabulary words we will be learning as Meteorologists:
Physical Change
High Pressure
Low Pressure


Hello Everyone. My name is Suzanne Ingley and I am the K-5 Science Teacher at Rosa Parks Environmental Magnet School in Berkeley, California. I was born in Memphis Tennessee into a family of nine. :O My father was an aviator in the Navy and we travelled extensively in the United States. I am used to fitting into most situations which is why I feel fortunate to be a teacher in Berkeley. I have been teaching for 13 years; eight years at Willard Middle School and four years at Rosa Parks. I am honored to have the opportunity to teach your children and watch them grow over the years.

Suzanne Ingley